Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Going Private...and other updates too....

Wow, a lot has been going on for us the last month and a half. This post may be a bit long.

This blog will be going private in the next week or two. So, if I actually have people who still check in from time to time, you will need to leave me a comment with your e-mail address and I will "invite" you to be a reader once I do make it private.

other updates....

Let's see, the most exciting thing that has happened since I last blogged is that Sabah turned TWO! Happy Birthday sweet baby girl. We actually celebrated her birthday on Mother's Day. Since my parents came up to Portland for the day, and my nephew's birthday is May 5th, we did the same thing last year, and that was to celebrate both birthdays and Mother's day. We had a lovely BBQ that my sister and her husband hosted, and then cake and presents for Sabah and Eli. Sabah LOVED opening presents, however, at first, when we had her put the present down to open another one, she had a crying fit. She didn't understand that she had more presents to open. Once she "got it" though, she was all over going on to the next. Her favorite present by far was her laptop that she got from Grandma and Grandpa.
Opening Presents

She LOVES her laptop

At the end of May, we took a quick trip to the Philippines. Now, Sabah did FANTASTIC when we went to Hawaii, but the Philippines was a different story. She still did great, but the trip was definitely hard on her. The timechange and the heat, well, it took it's toll on all of us. We were all a bit cranky. Coming back and having to adjust BACK to Oregon time was even harder.

Sabah being a good "big cousin" and "helping" Elizabeth put stickers on her face

Besides adjusting to the time and heat, we had a great time in the Philippines. Tina's husband is Filipino, so we were able to spend some time with the in-laws. They are all so great and treated both Me and Sabah as part of the family. Sabah now has many many new Aunties and Uncles and Cousins.

Sabah with some of her new cousins...Angela, Jacob, Howell and Hendrick

We spent three days in Manila and three days in Subic Bay (a beach resort about 3 hours from Manila). Subic Bay was by far the highligth of the trip for us. We got to go to an aquarium, a zoo safari, and just spend time relaxing on the beach (or our air conditioned room when the sun was just too intense to go outside). Both Sabah and Elizabeth HATED the water in Hawaii, but they LOVED it at Subic Bay. The waves were a bit calmer and the water was way warmer, so that may have had a lot to do with it.

Feeding a "baby" White Tiger

Feeding a deer

Feeding a bearcat

At the Aquarium

Mommy and Sabah at the beachfront restaurant

Enjoying the beach

Sabah also OFFICIALLY turned two while in the Philippines. We celebrated with just a few presents. I had bought a small cake in Manila, but forgot to bring it to Subic Bay with us. Oh well.

Turning two also means a two year well baby check up. Because we moved, we had to change doctors, so this was our first visit with Dr. Bass. We LOVE her. She was very good with Sabah (who CRIES when going to the doctor....this child REMEMBERS doctors and knows she is going to get a shot). She listened to and addressed all my concerns. It was a great visit. Sabah is 35.5 inches tall and in the 93rd percentile for height (yep, she's gonna be tall). She is 27.5 pounds and in the 59th percentile for weight. And the child has a tiny head. I forget the inches, but it's only like the 35th percentile for head circumfrence. Well, at least she isn't a bobble head. ;)

Waiting for the Doctor to come in

She also got a referral to a plastic surgeon. That appointment is set for July 13th. As most of you may remember, Sabah had a sixth finger on her right hand. When I brought her home, we saw a specialist who removed it. He cut it off, then tied the remaining "stub". That stub fell off and she was left with a very VERY small bump. Well, that "bump" has decided to grow, and is continuing to grow. I joke that her finger is growing back. Anyway, it is still very small in comparison, but is getting bigger each month, so we'll go see if it needs to come off. Her regular doctor didn't think she would be able to remove it herself, so off to the plastic surgeon we go.

She also was referred to a tempermant nurse specialist. I have had concerns about her sensitivity for a while now. She is EXTREMELY sensitive. Not to all things, but I never know what will start the waterworks. At first, I told the doctor that she cried a lot, and she almost blew it off as "typical" toddler tantrums. But I went on to say that they are not tantrums at all (in fact, Sabah so far rarely has tantrums). She just cries easily (for what SEEMS no reason). Example; the other day she had her shoes. She's happy and excited to put them on. I say to her (very nicely), "you need to get your socks too honey, they are right behind you". OMG...the waterworks. I know what I'm saying, but I don't know what she hears.

Anyway, even though SHE gets the referral, it is in all reality more for me, because the temperment nurse will actually be helping me figure out how to deal with her sensitivities. Thank goodness, because it really really really drives me up the wall.

Other than that, we are just getting ready for the summer. We just bought a small pool and a Dora the Explorer sprinkler, and now we just need the warm weather so that we can enjoy it. We did have a FABULOUS day Saturday, so she did get to use the pool, but, as is typical with Oregon weather, it is now rainy again. Who knows when we will get to use the pool again.

At the Strawberry Festival-standing in the middle of the strawberry patch

Riding the pig train

We have plans to head up the mountains for the 4th of July weekend. We rented a cabin on the river and plan on spending a relaxing three days there. We have great friends coming the first part of August for the Toukoul orphanage reunion, and are looking foward to friends from South Carolina visiting at the end of August. We also have plans for weekend getaways to Wildlife Safari, Florence (oregon coast), and ??????. I LOVE summer.