Tuesday, June 16, 2009

She's a walkin.....

Last week Sabah took her first steps (yeah, I know, I'm late with posting it). She has been practicing this entire week and has gotten pretty good. She is so cute because she's at that weeble wobble stage. I LOVE IT! This girl continues to impress me every single day, and every single day I love her a little more (if that is even possible).

Way to go Sabella!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Goodbye Tanner

It was a sad sad day at the Bryan household today. We went from a family of three (including the cat), to a family of two. Tanner, the little furball that I raised from an itty bitty kitty, was put down this afternoon due to lymphoma (cancer). He'd been vomiting off and on for a while, but a few weeks ago it became a 4 times a day occurance, so I took him to the vet. He had tons of blood work done, and was given some anti-nausea medicine, but it didn't do much good. He was still vomiting and losing a lot of weight. His white bloodcount was very low. The following week they did an x-ray and found that his spleen was enlarged.....SEVERELY enlarged was the exact words. This all pointed to lymphoma. The next step was ultrasounds and biopsies, but I couldn't justify spending the money....all a confirmation would do is confirm he had lyphoma...his life would only be lengthened by about 6 months with chemo. I had to make the choice to put him down. He was so miserable and actually spent the weekend meowing (sounded like crying to me) out in pain every time he vomited. My poor baby. I've had him for 10 years and that cat has been through A LOT with me. When I was mourning the loss of my first failed adoption and went into a deep depression, this cat stayed by my side every second I was home (which was every second I wasn't at work). He knew something was wrong and wanted to let me know he was there.

After I talked to the vet this morning and made the decision, I took rest of the afternoon off and went home and just layed on the bed with tanner, petting him and just loving on him. We then headed off to the vet where I stayed with him during the first phase. He quietly laid down and let me cuddle and carress his face. The vet then came and took him and "finished" the job in another room (I had the option to be at both phases, but couldn't do the second one).

It was the best decision I could make for him. He was so miserable. He is in no more pain. I miss you Tanner. You were the best! I know you are in a much better place.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

6 months home

Exactly 6 months ago, I got off a plane in Portland, OR and began my new life with my daughter. It is amazing to me that 6 months have gone by already. When I picked Sabah up from Toukoul, she was a slightly over 6 months old. She has now been in the U.S. as long as she was in Africa. AMAZING!

She has changed so much in the last 6 months. She's no longer a little baby, but a little toddler. She is starting to get a little personality of her own. She has a true stubborn streak to her and I can tell that her and I are going to butt heads as she grows older and more independent.

I finally was able to convert my video of our first meeting, so I'm posting it below. Please forgive the watermark that is plastered across the video. The software needed to convert the video cost and I don't really want to pay the bucks to get the watermark off. I will someday, but for now, you will all just have to ignore it. :)